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A Bonding Touch

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Some of the sweetest human experiences feature the marriage of a refreshing aroma with a soothing touch. If you want to locate one of these memories within your own mind, imagine yourself as child sniffing the scent of your favorite sweet shop while sensing the feel of your parent’s hand wrapped around yours. It's true; many of life’s most bonding moments involve aroma and touch, hand-in-hand! This is exactly the spark contained within dōTERRA® AromaTouch®.

Already prepared for you as a sensational oil combination to use on its own, AromaTouch is the ideal massage blend. Get this: in one bottle, you’ve got grounding Cypress, cooling Peppermint, muscle-soothing Marjoram, supportive Basil, uplifting Grapefruit, and relaxing Lavender. Who even needs a diffuser recipe with these six heavy-hitting oils already infused in each drop? Of course, that’s not to say you can’t diffuse AromaTouch within a larger blend. To prove my point, here’s one that would work to transform your space into something extra special.

Day Spa Diffuser Blend

• 4 drops AromaTouch

• 3 drops Bergamot

For those who’ve studied up on the AromaTouch Hand Technique, the Day Spa blend could be just perfect to diffuse when hosting a group of friends who are intrigued by the idea of using essential oils for a whole-body wellness experience. If they’re willing to offer you their hand, they can experience it for themselves. The dōTERRA AromaTouch Technique features the application of this massage blend to the hand for a unique experience intended to provide an escape from daily stress. Demonstrating the impact of AromaTouch via a simple hand massage is a powerful way to share it.

Due to the dynamics of the six distinct oils rolled into AromaTouch, this massage blend has the potential to do a lot. Basically, you can use AromaTouch to promote healthy circulation and total body cleansing! Here are a few handy hacks that make it a true lifestyle oil: apply AromaTouch behind ears and along the jawline during flight to combat clogged ear sensations; apply to the bottoms of feet or over the heart to help tame tantrums; or massage AromaTouch onto antsy legs at bedtime to encourage them to calm down. Add 3-4 drops to Epsom salts before a bath for a totally relaxing, balancing experience; or simply apply to the neck and shoulders for a comforting massage. As you can probably deduce from these usage ideas, clean and minty AromaTouch is a prime blend for lessening tension. The gift of a soothing touch in the context of a safe relationship is truly priceless, and is part of what makes us enjoy using essential oils within the bonds of our families so much.

One of AromaTouch’s winning points is that it is superbly calming without inducing sleepiness. Whether experienced aromatically or applied topically, AromaTouch is a perfect oil to keep on hand as a mid-day stress buster; and it’s also helpful for easing those nervous jitters that arise just before public speaking or other important events. One of the beautiful and mysterious things about essential oils is that we all experience them a little differently. Because each essential oil has a different chemical makeup, and each person is different, no two people will have the exact same reaction when inhaling the aroma of this relaxing blend. With the winning combination of Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, Basil, Grapefruit, and oh-so-sweet Lavender, a bonding touch is just a drop away with AromaTouch.