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O, Douglas Fir!

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“O, Christmas tree, O, Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches...” If my blog post could carry a tune, you’d have that 19th-century German holiday song in your head, which could easily be referring to the Douglas fir tree. This particular species, named after Scottish botanist David Douglas, must be a very special one because it is often chosen to be adorned with lights and ornaments as a Christmas tree. How appropriate for us to be taking a look at dōTERRA® Douglas Fir essential oil during this season leading up to Christmas! The age-old debate between real and artificial trees aside, those who prefer real trees will soon be able to enjoy both the tree and its oil side-by-side in your living room. You’ll literally be bringing nature indoors, and as we’re about to see, that’s a particularly beautiful thing in the case of Douglas Fir.

A beautiful canopy of these coniferous trees cascades down the hills of New Zealand, almost like a giant tsunami. The problem is that virtually nothing else can grow down at ground level beneath this rather invasive cascade of conifers. In fact, the Douglas fir tree grows twenty-five times faster in New Zealand than in its native home of North America, revealing just how aggressive plants can sometimes become when introduced to a new environment. The Douglas fir is so prolific in this island country of the southwestern Pacific Ocean that it’s become, well...a pest. Enter dōTERRA, the company that ever enjoys taking a piece of nature that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into something useful to preserve its intrinsic worth. The trees are harvested at about 5-7 years of age, before they produce cones; and the young, fresh needles and branches produce a uniquely lovely essential oil. Because of the excellent chemistry resulting from young harvesting, the aroma of Douglas Fir differs from that of other conifers such as Siberian Fir and Juniper Berry. Blend it with citrus to let its lemony undertones come out to play.

Sweet Woodland

• 3 drops Douglas Fir

• 3 drops Green Mandarin

• 2 drops Grapefruit

• 2 drops Siberian Fir

Fragrant with vitality and refreshment, Douglas Fir purifies the air it touches and promotes a feeling of clear airways. Mix with water and mist from a spray bottle to clean house, or combine it with Wintergreen and Fractionated Coconut Oil for a powerful woodland-inspired massage. We all know there’s a sense of relief found within a quiet, secluded forest. Get there with this next blend.

All is Calm

• 3 drops Douglas Fir

• 2 drops Black Spruce

• 2 drops Arborvitae

Arborvitae seems to be one you don’t hear much about, doesn’t it? Maybe we’ll touch on it in a future post, because it certainly deserves one of its own; but if you don’t currently have Arborvitae, substitute with any other warm or earthy aroma you find uplifting.

The benefits of Douglas Fir certainly go far beyond holiday cheer. It’s such an aromatically friendly, versatile oil that it can be used to soothe anxious feelings, enhance focus, and much more. Whether paired with warm spice or cool mint, Douglas Fir brings the woodlands with it. What else would you expect from a Christmas tree in a bottle?