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If you really want a dōTERRA business with any income, you have to work and treat it like a business. If you don't want to work, but want to share dōTERRA and have fun, then it's a hobby and you will get paid like a hobby. It is your choice. Not ours. We want you to join us and share dōTERRA in whatever manner fits you and your life best. 

I love what dōTERRA does for the world and I want to be a part of it all of the time. What is your level of commitment and your goal with sharing or building dōTERRA? 

FULL TIME is when you consistently do the action steps daily and intend to reach a rank to replace your current income and live the dōTERRA full-time Lifestyle. -- Typical Commitment: 20+ hours weekly, wants to set goals and reach them, desires direction from upline, does weekly mentoring calls with upline to launch business, holds multiple events per month to teach about oils, does make & take events, 1-1 appointments, vendor events, etc. 

PART TIME is when you consistently do the action steps, but spend less hours per week doing it (by choice) and you will reach your goals but it just takes longer. -- Typical Commitment: 5-20 hours, wants to set some goals, agrees to monthly mentoring call with upline, holds at least one event monthly. 

SOMETIMES (HOBBY) is when you jump in and work, then you don't think about it again for days, weeks, months and then jump in again - no consistent action. -- Typical Commitment: will contact upline as needed, doesn't want goals and will share as they see fit. 

Contact your upline mentor to schedule a mentor session to get you started. There are financial commitments to earning income with doTERRA. See those in Post 3.

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