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Ravintsara Revealed

· Essential Oils
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New dōTERRA Ravintsara essential oil certainly has an exotic and unknown ring to it, doesn’t it? If you’re familiar with Eucalyptus, though, you’re already acquainted with some of the aromatic features of this new oil. You might describe it as a milder version of Eucalyptus: similarly earthy, but greener, if an aroma can be described by a color!

Reviving, clearing, and relaxing, Ravintsara comes to us from the African island nation of Madagascar. Its name means “good tree” in one of the local languages, and this fitting title was bestowed about two centuries ago when the plant was first brought to the island. Approximately one pound of ravintsara plant goes into the production of each 5 mL bottle of essential oil. If you have a nagging suspicion that you’ve heard this name before - does ravensara ring a bell? – be aware that the two are not the same. Ravintsara and ravensara are two completely different trees which produce different oils with, you guessed it, different benefits. Although their names look and sound deceptively similar, ravintsara does not equal ravensara. Got it? Good!

Ravintsara essential oil can help soothe anxious feelings with its fresh, uplifting energy. Let’s first use it to fill the room with an organic aroma in this delightfully green diffuser blend:

Ravintsara Rain

3 drops Ravintsara

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Wild Orange

As a hint to get you started on creating your own diffuser blends using Ravintsara, keep in mind that this refreshing rain-kissed oil blends well with Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Peppermint, Rose, Vetiver, and Wintergreen, among others. As you’ll see, its earthy nature pairs well with citrus, woody, and minty oils.

Diffuse Ravintsara together with Lavender to create a restful nighttime environment, especially when you or a loved one is in need of special calming or adjusting to a new time zone after travel. Ravintsara also makes a great component in a relaxing post-workout massage, targeting muscles that have given their all.

Increase the relaxing factor of a soothing Epsom salt bath by adding a drop of Ravintsara to the water and swirling it in, especially if you’re looking to promote feelings of easier breathing. You can support your body’s readiness to ward off invaders with this cleansing, energizing oil. Next time you’re feeling under the weather, dilute a couple of drops of Ravintsara in Fractionated Coconut Oil. Rub this mixture on your chest and upper back to create a soothing massage moment. If you’re on-the-go with no time for a proper massage, simply place a drop or two within the palms of your hands, rub together, and inhale deeply from cupped hands.

Ravintsara delivers a breath of fresh air that can relax, energize, and protect. Somehow its eucalyptus-like scent, with those slight peppery notes added in, creates a refreshing, clean atmosphere that inspires us to breathe deeply as we enjoy and employ its benefits.