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Start Fresh with Hinoki

· Essential Oils
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As we ring in the new year along with a whole new decade, it’s the perfect time for an introduction. Some members of the dōTERRA family might find themselves asking exactly what Hinoki is, and why they haven’t heard about it before. Well, this clean and calming addition first joined the dōTERRA lineup just a few short years ago. It’s an exclusive oil with limited availability, so starting 2020 with an introduction to this fresh new friend is a great idea!

The ornamental hinoki tree grows widespread in Japan, and for this reason is also known by the name Japanese cypress. In fact, next time you spot a bonsai tree adorning a desk or garden, know that you may actually be looking at a dwarf hinoki tree, often used by bonsai artists. In its Asian homeland, hinoki wood has been used for centuries to construct culturally significant structures such as palaces and shrines. In fact, some of the world’s oldest surviving wooden buildings are made from this pure, high-quality wood! As evidenced by 1000-year-old buildings still standing, this material resists rot remarkably well.


Hinoki wood is aromatically woody, elegant, and balsamic, meaning it is rich in flowing, fragrant resin. Sometimes called the “holy tree,” it is so dearly valued that Japanese law states only fallen trees can be used for the production of essential oil. About half a pound of hinoki wood is required to fill one 5 mL bottle of Hinoki, and dōTERRA works to ensure that no part of these treasured trees is wasted.

For those who find other evergreen oils a bit too intense for everyday usage, try Hinoki to experience that gentle touch you’ve been looking for. Beautifully fragrant and clean, this oil is uplifting, purifying, and relaxing. Use Hinoki to support healthy skin by adding it to your cleansing routine or by applying it to areas that could use a soothing boost. Add a few drops to your floor cleaning solution, which will create an especially pleasant effect on hardwood surfaces. Diffuse Hinoki to fill a room with energizing, herbaceous sweetness, along with a trailing hint of citrus. Here’s an idea: create a Zen Blend using 2 drops Hinoki, 2 drops Sandalwood, and 1 drop Lemon.

The Japanese have traditionally prized hinoki wood for its purity; keep this quality in mind as you put Hinoki essential oil to use in supporting wellness for yourself and your loved ones. Use it to promote cleaner air and easier breathing. Not only is Hinoki pure, it’s also delightfully pleasant as an addition to a restful bath or as a personal fragrance. The unique chemical properties of relaxing, lemon-scented Hinoki can help soothe occasional feelings of stress.

We who enjoy essential oils never cease to be amazed by the abilities of our senses, working in concert, to convince us we have instantaneously traveled to another world. That’s exactly what sacred Hinoki does in all of its elegant softness. From an astoundingly strong and pure substance comes exclusive, gentle dōTERRA Hinoki essential oil, available to you right now for a limited time.