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The Roses of Bulgaria

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Picture misty mountains rising above vast fields of enchanting flowers in Eastern Europe. This is Bulgaria, the beautiful country that produces half of the world’s supply of Rose essential oil. The country itself has come to be associated with rose, a fact to which souvenir shops in Bulgaria clearly testify. Locals depend on the annual rose harvest, a major source of income, to sustain them financially throughout the year. Construction of a dōTERRA® distillation facility is currently underway to create additional jobs and to ensure future availability of pure, potent Rose oil.

A great deal of labor and attention to detail is required to produce something precious. This is certainly the case with Rose, one of the most highly prized essential oils in the world. The process of procuring just one 5 mL bottle of undiluted Rose oil is, shall we say, challenging: we’re talking 10,000 delicate rose blossoms in that tiny container. Enter dōTERRA Rose Touch, a gift to those who crave the benefits of these precious petals and seek to have them without breaking the bank. This on-the-go roller bottle contains exclusive Rose essential oil combined with just the right amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Roll on your Rose Touch to promote positive feelings, ease sensations of occasional discomfort, increase passion, calm the skin, and balance the emotions. That’s a pretty diverse array of uses already! Rose is known as an intimate oil with properties that are connective, radiant, and boosting to energy and vitality. There’s basically nothing not to love about it! Apply to pulse points on the neck and wrists for an uplifting aroma throughout the day, and to surround yourself with a beautiful and romantic personal fragrance. Use Rose Touch to naturally lend balance to moisture levels in the skin, as well as to reduce the appearance of bothersome imperfections and promote healthy, even skin tone.

The unique and dynamic chemistry of Rose has helped it become globally beloved for its sweetness. Merely mentioning the name conjures up romantic thoughts related to the fragrance, color, aroma, and the petals themselves. Among flowers and oils both, Rose is the rightful queen. Multiple Eastern cultures even prize it as a food flavoring via the addition of rosewater to various dishes! Here’s another way to enjoy rosewater: carefully remove the roller tip from your bottle of Rose Touch and place a few drops directly into a warm bath. You’ve created a luxurious, intensely fragrant retreat! Here’s a quick word about temporarily removing the roller tip: simply pry it off using the bottle cap and some strategically placed leverage, or use a small household tool to accomplish the prying job. The stopper and metal roller ball should pop right back in with a firm push when you’re ready to replace them.

But wait, before you put that roller tip back on, reserve a few drops for this rich diffuser blend:

Floral Majesty

• 2 drops Rose

• 2 drops Frankincense

• 1 drop Lavender

Adored for thousands of years and universally recognized as a symbol of love, beauty, and even seduction, Rose has never been easier to access and enjoy than through the effortless, affordable elegance of dōTERRA Rose Touch. The royal beauty of the Bulgarian rose is bottled up for us, just waiting to be uncapped!