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What to Make with Melissa

· Essential Oils
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Melissa, one of the rarest and most valuable dōTERRA® essential oils, is prized for its ability to support the whole person, both mind and body. If essential oil bottles wore superhero capes, Melissa would wear one standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Clove, Oregano, and Frankincense – yes, it’s that kind of oil.

It’s a great time to unlock this powerhouse oil, especially for those who have heard of its prized nature but aren’t yet sure how to use it on a daily basis. As we explore its applications, we’ll find there are more things to do with Melissa than we had imagined; so let’s hit the ground running with a lineup of ways to treat yourself to this treasure.

Are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, and it’s making you blue? Melissa promotes feelings of hope and optimism, enabling us to experience more energy. When energized, we feel more motivated to connect meaningfully with the people around us, as well as more capable of engaging in our areas of gifting and talent. Turn up the volume with this Melissa-based diffuser blend:

Power Restore

3 drops Melissa

3 drops Clementine

1 drop Lime

Diffuser recipes that make you want to breathe deeply are only the beginning of what you can make with Melissa. Prepare Melissa Tea by adding a drop of Melissa essential oil to a cup of your favorite tea. Extracted from a flower known for its sweet, citrus fragrance, it will delicately enhance your tea time with both flavor and a myriad of benefits for both body and mind.

For an uplifting Instant Facial, fill a small spritz bottle with water and mix in a few drops of Melissa. Spray onto your skin as needed for refreshment and rejuvenation that will touch both your skin and your emotions.

Looking for some more concentrated skin support? Create Soothing Balm by combining Melissa essential oil with small amounts of both coconut oil and shea butter. Use this beautiful blend liberally on areas that are crying out for comfort and repair.

Do you sometimes struggle to achieve a peaceful rest? Diffuse Melissa at night, or if you’d prefer topical use, apply to the forehead, shoulders or chest when it’s slumber time. But wait, didn’t we just mention Melissa’s ability to energize and awaken? Yes, and it also has calming properties that support emotional well-being, which is key to a good night’s sleep. Remember the superhero cape when making use of Melissa; this oil excels across the board.

Clearly, Melissa stands for even more than the beautiful, popular girls’ name it immediately brings to mind. It’s a Mediterranean beauty that has earned its prized reputation across more than 2,000 years of usage, and with a bottle of it in your home, you’re able to unlock these unique applications and more to support your wellness.