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Going Out with Citronella

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It’s possible that you, like me, first heard about citronella in the context of a bug-repelling candle. The name sure sounded beautiful, and decidedly not synthetic; but I didn’t give it muchmore thought until I met dōTERRA® Citronella essential oil. Here was that same inviting name, and I had to find out what it was all about. Here are the results of my learning!Citronella comes to us from the thin, bright green blades of a tall grass native to Asia. Three-and-a-half pounds of plant material give their essence to fill each dōTERRA bottle, which emits a clean and fresh scent similar to Lemongrass at that delightful moment when the cap is twisted off. The reason we associate Citronella with bug-repelling candles is that citronella is actually a registered insect repellent, in the United States at least. Naturally, it’s a component of candles created to burn outdoors and facilitate a comfortable visiting environment for porches and backyards everywhere.

You’ll also enjoy using Citronella oil to get rid of odors, letting that fresh citrus scent purify the air and cleanse every hard surface it touches. In addition, lemony Citronella is emotionally uplifting, inspiring cheery optimism and a calmer mood where things need to be turned down a few notches. What could knock stress down better than a walk among wildflowers? Experience crisp, rosy Citronella in the bouquet of this beautiful diffuser blend. 

Wildflower Walk

• 2 drops Citronella

• 2 drops Geranium

• 2 drops Patchouli

What’s wonderful about Citronella is that you probably won’t be tempted to relegate it to just that one single use as a pest repellent. Its sweet fragrance is too inviting for that! Add a brilliant shine to your hair by including a drop or two of Citronella in your shampoo and conditioning routine, as it is especially soothing to the scalp. What about after your skin has already been bothered by a buzzing visitor, and it’s too late for prevention? Use your Citronella oil to soothe and help fight that infuriating sensation that makes you want to keep itching.

Even after exploring other uses, it stands true: Citronella is easily the star ingredient of any blend intended to purge the air of unwanted creepy crawly and winged creatures. For a blend that will be as pleasing to you as it is repulsive to insects, combine Citronella with Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Peppermint oils. Practically speaking, you can apply Citronella and these companion oils topically to the skin with Fractionated Coconut Oil, or simply spritz a few drops of Citronella mixed with water directly onto the skin. Be sure to include the ankles, wrists, and neck in your coverage. Citronella’s protective effect actually works by masking the human fragrances that insects find so appealing. It sure is a handy shield with which to cover yourself on the hiking trail or the campout!

It’s clearly time to go out with Citronella, whose crisp, lemony notes will fight for you. Known for its refreshing aroma and the pest protection it brings, this oil is both pleasant and easy to employ in practical ways. Citronella uses this protective, pleasant practicality to serve you, getting you out into nature where you can more deeply appreciate everything it has to offer.