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Tachyon Healing Chamber

Remote Healing Sessions Now Available


Imagine a sanctuary, a tranquil safeplace infused with nurturing energy tucked away amidst the beautiful countyside.

Here, cutting edge technology combines with ancient knowledge to provide the ultimate healing experience.

I am delighted to invite you into the Isle of Wight’s premier Tachyon Healing Chamber - a place designed with the sole purpose of raising your awareness, your consciousness and even your physical health.

Tachyons are subatomic particles infused with the full spectrum of spiritual light. Inside
the chamber, Tachyon energy triggers the innate healing intelligence of the
body and mind.

• 100% pain free therapy

• Completely non-invasive

• Relaxing & restorative

• Supports natural healing

NEW in 2023.

Remote healing sessions now available over zoom or phone,please contact us for more information.

Prices Start at £60.00 for 1 hour 15 min session.

The Pleiadians have indicated that especially after thesuccessful June 30th 2020, Age of Aquarius global synchronized meditation, a quite positive timeline is now in effect.

I have noticed an increase in the Quantuum Field Connection over the last year, acceleration of time and clarity of direction since using the chamber.

We are in challenging times indeed at the moment and so many Star Seeds and Lightworkers are really feeling tired and in need of an uplifting experience.

The chamber helps align your energy field and eases the Ascension symptoms, giving a welcome boost to your whole energy system as you connect with the amazing Zero Point Tachyon energy.

This Pleiadian Technology is here to assist you journey into the new age of Aquarius. Stop the struggle and dance with life, there is
so much to look forward to.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this new experience.