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    Here's a great link to doTERRA lingo to get you warmed up!




    Below, you will find the following resources:

    1. Upgrade to Wellness Advocate & Free Website

    2. Doterra Business or Hobby?

    3. Want Commission AND Free oils - 125 PV Monthly

    4. Simple Sharing Tips & Compliance plus Trifold, 60 Second enroll, FAQ

    5. 60 Second Enrollment Script

    6. What are all of the facebook groups for?

    7. How to launch your business...beyond sharing

    8. How to create a facebook event

    9. Make & Take Teaching Tips

    10. I enrolled someone...now what?

    11. The fortune is in the followup - goodie bags

    12. How to keep your members excited, engaged & duplicatable

    13. How to move someone in 14 days

    14. How to structure for rank

    15. Structuring Advanced

    16. PO3 - Power of 3 Bonus & Compensation

    17. Team Business Trainings & Mentoring

    18. Vendor Events & Followup

    19. My friend enrolled in dōTERRA under someone else...now what?

    20. Income Taxes

    21. Enrollment & Transfer Forms


    Thank you so much for helping your friends and family begin their journey to wellness with doTERRA! Sincerely,

    Charlotte Smith

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